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Video shows Orlando holiday decor theft
<p>An Orlando family is searching for a piece of holiday tradition they say was nabbed from their front doorstep.</p><p>Elizabeth Dale said surveillance video captured from her Baldwin Park front porch shows what appears to be a young woman running up and taking a nutcracker.</p><p>The video shows the woman running to a waiting car and driving away. The theft was captured from several different angles.</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616385038" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616385038" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="PHOTO" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/Nutcracker%20taken%20in%20theft%20vehicle_1513216617816_11286572_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" /></p><p>Dale said her family discovered the nutcracker was missing Wednesday morning, and she said they were very upset.</p><p>&quot;It was given to me by my parents when I was a young adult, and I have it out every year,&quot; Dale told News 6. &quot;I didn&#39;t expect this, so it&#39;s kind of disappointing, and it&#39;s upsetting.&quot;</p><p>This incident is the latest in a string of holiday-related thefts around Central Florida, and it&#39;s the second time in two years Dale&#39;s house has been targeted.</p><p>She said the first time someone stole a package left outside her front door, and that&#39;s when she put up security cameras.</p><p>&quot;People are so bold, and they&#39;ll just do whatever they want to do,&quot; Dale said.</p><p>Right now, Dale said she&#39;s making due with just one nutcracker outside her front door. She said she&#39;s hoping someone recognizes the woman in the video, and she&#39;s hoping she gets her family keepsake returned.</p><p>&quot;If it&#39;s a prank, just bring it back, and don&#39;t do that again,&quot; Dale said.</p><p>Anyone who has information that can help track down who did this can call Orlando police at 321-235-5300.</p>

260 pounds of marijuana found during drug bust on I-4, feds say
<p>Federal agents who were investigating a drug trafficking tip found 260 pounds of marijuana when the vehicle they were following crashed on Interstate 4 in Orange County, bringing a high-speed chase to an end.</p><p>The investigation began when an agent from the Department of Homeland Security received a tip that an aircraft landing at Orlando Executive Airport around 1 a.m. Monday might be transporting narcotics, according to a criminal complaint.</p><p>Agents arrived at the airport before the plane landed from Sonoma, Calif., and watched as an unidentified man, Chayla Archambault, and an unidentified woman removed several suitcases and load them into an Infiniti SUV, the report said.</p><p>After the suitcases were loaded into the vehicle, Archambault got in the driver&#39;s seat and Cesar Martins, the man who drove the SUV to the airport, got into the passenger&#39;s seat. They left the airport at the same time as a red Jeep that had parked near the aircraft, agents said.</p><p>Authorities watched as both vehicles were driven onto westbound State Road 408, then I-4. An Orange County deputy who was assisting with surveillance attempted to pull the Infiniti over for speeding in a construction zone, but the vehicle continued to speed, according to the criminal complaint.</p><p>Agents said the high-speed pursuit ended when the SUV crashed near Kirkman Road, ejecting Martins from the passenger seat and trapping Archambault in the driver&#39;s seat.</p><p>After the suspects were rescued from the crash, authorities said they found several pieces of luggage containing 260 pounds worth of packaged marijuana. News 6 found out that amount of marijuana is worth over half a million dollars.</p><p>Archambault and Martins were arrested after being treated for their crash-related injuries. Investigators are recommending they both be charged with trying to distribute marijuana.</p>

Angel Tree distribution day arrives bringing Christmas to thousands of children
<p>Thanks to community support and generous donations, all 3,600 angels signed up with Angel Tree will have Christmas gifts under their tree this year.</p><p>News 6 partnered with The Salvation Army at the beginning of November to have the angels adopted around Orange and Osceola County locations, such as Mall at Millenia, Chick-fil-A and Nick&rsquo;s Family Diner.</p><p>Additionally, News 6 raised $20,000 during the Angel Tree phone bank. You can follow along with the News 6 Facebook page and watch News 6 while we distribute gifts and get reactions throughout the day.</p><p><strong><a href="https://www.clickorlando.com/news/pictures-2017-angel-tree-distribution-day">[PICTURES: 2017 Angel Tree distribution day]</a></strong></p><p>Check out the videos below for a behind-the-scenes look at our Angel Tree program.</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616334907" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616343949" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/2017%20Angel%20Tree%20program%20from%20start%20to%20finish20171213221438_11286155_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /></p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616371709" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616371755" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/A%20look%20back%20at%20Angel%20Tree%20201720171214003313_11286554_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /></p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616336209" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616346947" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/Volunteer%20makes%20Angel%20Tree%20a%20holiday%20tradition20171213222024_11285784_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /></p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616321862" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616343793" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/Angel%20Tree%20How%20it%20works20171213212251_11286133_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /></p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616340926" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616346905" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/Formerly%20homeless%20woman%20gets%20Angel%20Tree%20gifts%20for%20her%20children20171213223408_11285797_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /></p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616361270" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616367791" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/13/Behind%20the%20Angel%20Tree%20distribution%20day%20magic20171213235125_11286809_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /></p>

Complaints stop squeal in downtown Orlando neighborhood
<p>It was a sound of a ding in his email Wednesday morning, North Quarter Orlando resident Tim Lawrence was wanting to hear.</p><p>The morning email informed him that the&nbsp;two boxes&nbsp;emitting an insufferable high-pitched,&nbsp;squeal outside the Orange County Bar Association building on Orange Avenue, have been turned off.</p><p>&quot;Good morning Mr. Lawrence. Thank you for bringing this to our attention,&quot; he read aloud to News 6. &quot;The boxes have been disabled as we continue to work towards an alternate solution.&nbsp;Please let me know if you have any concerns.&nbsp;Sincerely, &nbsp;Kimberly Homer, the executive director of the Orange County Bar Association.&quot;</p><p>Lawrence told News 6, he didn&#39;t think it would happen this fast.</p><p>&quot;Being such a small member of the community, it&#39;s nice to know they are listening,&quot; Lawrence said.&nbsp;</p><p>It was the same email sent Wednesday to News 6, which was following up on a story reported Tuesday. Lawrence said the noise had been a nuisance in the North Quarter downtown Orlando neighborhood for years, but he had just moved in months ago and couldn&#39;t take it.&nbsp;</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="616077619" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="616080716" embed-content-imgalign="none" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="subStoryType" height="240px" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2017/12/12/High-frequency%20noise%20upsetting%20Orlando%20residents20171212232312_11281184_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="width:100%;" width="360px" /><br /> &nbsp;<br /> &quot;It was just annoying, constant,&quot; he said.&nbsp;</p><p>Lawrence created a Facebook page called &quot;Stop the Squeal&quot; and reached out to News 6 in the&nbsp;hope of getting results.</p><p>&quot;Really, Channel 6&nbsp;living up to its motto of getting results is really nice,&quot; Lawrence said.&nbsp;</p><p>The Orange County Bar Association told us it mounted the sound emitters to keep&nbsp;dogs from defecating on its property, saying it was a sanitary issue.&nbsp;</p><p>Lawrence said now that the boxes are off, the neighbors need to be aware of that.</p><p>&quot;I guess right now it&#39;s up to us, the residents, to show them, &#39;Hey, thank you for being (a) responsible member of the community.&#39; It&#39;s our job to be responsible now and make sure that we are picking up after our pets,&quot; he said.&nbsp;</p><p>A spokesperson at the bar association said&nbsp;the organization&nbsp;is&nbsp;working on a more permanent solution to fix the&nbsp;dog waste problem, so the squealing sound will stay silenced.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe frameborder="no" height="166" scrolling="no" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/368607062&amp;color=%23ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=false&amp;show_user=false&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;show_teaser=true" width="100%"></iframe></p>

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