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3 juveniles struck by gunfire in Orlando park, police say
<p>Three juveniles were struck by gunfire in a park at 3101 Willow Bend Boulevard Sunday evening, police said.</p><p>The Orlando Police Department said a caller reported that three people shot into the crowd and struck three juveniles.</p><p>Police said the victims were taken to an area hospital.</p><p>No other details were immediately released.</p><p>Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or Crimeline.</p>

Central Florida women march for equality and rights
<p>Hundreds of&nbsp;people&nbsp;met at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando Sunday morning to voice their anger, frustrations&nbsp;and&nbsp;concerns with the state of&nbsp;the&nbsp;country during the second annual Women&#39;s March.</p><p>&quot;People are passionate, these women are passionate,&quot;&nbsp;said&nbsp;Neila Wilson&nbsp;the co-captain of the Central Florida Women&#39;s March.</p><p>People&nbsp;from near and far&nbsp;came to stand in solidarity.</p><p>Marchers said they refuse to let anyone drown out their voices.</p><p>&quot;We&#39;re marching to amplify&nbsp;women&#39;s voices. Every woman, everywhere, everyone matters,&quot; marcher Erica Jacobs said.</p><p>They&nbsp;also said they refuse to let anyone take away their rights.</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s about unifying and it&#39;s human rights. It doesn&#39;t matter what age, what race, what religion, anything else,&quot;&nbsp;marcher Megan Cassell said.</p><p>The march comes on the heels of the&nbsp;&quot;#MeToo&quot;&nbsp;and &quot;Time&#39;s Up&quot; movements, in which women have spoken&nbsp;out against violence and sexual misconduct. They said it is time to change the culture.</p><p>&quot;A lot of people are being sexist without realizing it. The point is to get out there and educate them,&quot; Cassell said. &quot;How can you be helpful? How can you make a difference?&quot;</p><p>Men also participated and joined the efforts.</p><p>Marchers said they marched for key issues like women&#39;s equality and equal pay, supporting dreamers and DACA, as well as healthcare, saying women&#39;s bodies aren&#39;t up for debate.</p><p>Many marchers blamed these problems on the Trump administration.</p><p>&quot;I know a lot of men are disturbed about what&#39;s going on in Washington,&quot; marcher William Brennan said.</p><p>&quot;He&#39;s not acceptable and he&#39;ll never be my president,&quot; marcher Pam Vetro said.</p><p><img embed-content-articleid="626335699" embed-content-groupid="33113" embed-content-id="626335699" embed-content-imgalign="left" embed-content-index="0" embed-content-type="PHOTO" src="https://media.clickorlando.com/photo/2018/01/21/Women%27s%20March_1516556271935.jpg_11512483_ver1.0_160_90.jpg" style="float: left;" /></p><p>Wilson&nbsp;told&nbsp;News 6 now more than ever is the time to be heard.</p><p>&quot;We have issues and these women are here to make sure a light stays on those issues,&quot; Wilson said.</p><p>In addition to the march, people who attended are also getting results for hurricane victims. Organizers said proceeds from&nbsp;T-shirt sales will go to the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.</p>

Woman killed in Orange County shooting identified, deputies say
<p>A woman is dead and another person is injured after a&nbsp;Saturday&nbsp;shooting, according to the Orange County Sheriff&#39;s Office.</p><p>Deputies responded to an address near the 1000 block of 23rd Street after receiving a report about gunshots.</p><p>Officials said deputies found a female victim identified as&nbsp;Kelly Foley&nbsp;and a&nbsp;yet-unidentified&nbsp;male victim,&nbsp;both&nbsp;suffering&nbsp;from gunshot wounds.</p><p>Both victims were taken by Orange County Fire Rescue personnel to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where&nbsp;Foley&nbsp;was pronounced dead, according to the Sheriff&#39;s Office.</p><p>Homicide detectives and forensics investigators were at the scene Saturday night as the investigation continues, officials said.</p><p>Officials said they are not releasing the name of the wounded man at this time.</p><p>Stay with News 6 and ClickOrlando.com for updates on this story.</p>

Firefighter injured while battling flames in Orlando, officials say
<p>A firefighter was injured while battling flames in the 1700 block of South Kirkman Road on Sunday, officials said.</p><p>Orlando Fire Department officials said the fire, which was burning at Verona at Valencia Park, is now under control, but three occupants are displaced.</p><p>The injured firefighter was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. His condition is unknown.</p><p>Further details about the fire were not immediately released.</p>

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