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A lot of small and medium sized companies including mom & pop businesses do not have a web site. There could be several reasons why they have not ventured onto the Internet:

  • The majority of these businesses that don't have a web presence feel their business is too local to benefit from the Internet or don't think their customers will use it; others simply haven't had the time to develop a web presence.

  • Many of these businesses fear that they will have to spend a lot of money on Internet hosting and web designer services.

  • Lake Mary Business Directory is focusing the Internet so it becomes a local experience for local residents. Businesses can now easily reach local customers without having to spend a large amount of money to do it.

  • With Lake Mary Business Directory, if you can type a letter, you can have a direct response business website that you control. You can change the information on your site any time you want. And you don't need to have a fancy pants web design firm to do it. Just log in to your account, type a bit, point and click and the changes occur in realtime.

  • And the best part is, you can give your customers an extra incentive to visit your business by providing them with an online "coupon" and information about monthly, weekly or daily sales directly on your website.

  • The customer simply prints the coupon on their own paper, and you get local distribution without incurring any printing or postage costs.

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Our Members Receive:



Targeted traffic from your top listings in the major search engines.

Local residents who are interested in your products/services are delivered to our business listing pages where your business listing works for you 24/7.



Save hundreds of dollars over conventional advertising.

We show you how to make any advertising you do, more productive and cost effective.



A two page "Biz Site" where you can showcase your products / services.

A BizSite is a Website that contains information about your business, your address, phone, cell/pager, fax, map link, products / services, news / specials, and a printable coupon.



You can display several photos, videos and audio.

Display merchandise, featured products, your business storefront, a logo, etc.



A printable coupon on steroids.

This is a online coupon that you have complete control over. You can change or update it anytime you want. Even once a day or more. There's no limit.



Description of your Business, Products, and/or Services.

In your own words. Or, just give us the basics and we will write it for you.



Your business listed under the category of your choice.

We have multiple categories to choose from. If there is no category that closely matches your business, we may add a new category for you.



A link to your E-mail and Website (website not required).

Your BizSite can link directly to your email and Website (if you have one). Customers can ask questions about your products /services via a feedback form. If you don't have an email account, we can provide one for you.


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